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Service introductions

.Holo Family House / Taipei Traveler Hostel ( the First in Taiwan)

1.  Clean, simple, and comfortable living environment--- we have professional cleaning staff clean rooms every day, and we provide clean bathroom facilities with 24-hr hot water.

2.  Handy equipment: we have a lobby where international travelers can exchange ideas, meet friends, and take a rest for a cup of tea. In addition, we have a well-equipped kitchen and you are more than welcome to buy cooking materials and share your home dishes with others.

3.  Location and transportation: Holo Family House is located in a 24-hr security building right in front of the Taipei Main Station. The Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport (airport bus) is opposite slightly to the left side with less than 5-min walking distance. Taipei Main Station is a transportation hub where you can take MRT, train, or High Speed Rail, plus city bus. It’s very convenient to get around Taipei from Holo Family House.

4.  Enthusiastic team: Holo (Holo Family House owner), Jennifer and other volunteers hold the spirit of respect, understanding, sharing, learning, safety, and peace to provide services with an enthusiastic heart.

5.  Simple western breakfast and free drinks: we offer simple breakfast, drinks, and various cookies for free.

6.  Holo Family House prohibits preaching religions or politics and hopes that foreign travelers can respect our principle and demonstrate good manners.

7.  Travel consultation: we provide detailed traveling information and can answer various traveling questions, and we’ll do our best to help you accomplish whatever you want do about traveling in Taiwan.

8.  Traveling itinerary crisis management: whether you need to prolong or shorten your trip due to weather conditions or any other unspecified reasons, we can discuss your itinerary with you and find out what suits you best. (irregularly)

9.  Our team members assist our guests with purchasing products that Taiwan is famous for, such as laptops, bicycles, or agricultural products, and with no extra charge.

10. Our team members can speak English, so no matter which country you are from, there’s no problem of communication. (we are also good at miming…..)

11. We offer a variety of traditional snacks and dishes on special festivals for foreign travelers and guest to have a taste of our food and culture. Moreover, we offer Taiwan tea and coffer for free.


一. Accommodation service:

1. Long-term service 2. Short-term service

3. Mission support: exchanges student programs, exhibitions, nationwide or international activities

二. Non-accommodation service:

1. Family half-day or full-day experience activities 2. Activity reception